Beijing Food

Beijing food, a combination of different flavors from nations such as Han, Hui, Meng, Man, include their own unique specialties. It is said that there are more than two hundred categories of snacks in Beijing, including dishes gonging with rice, such as Mongolian hotpot Shuan Yangrou and some other snacks for breakfast or as midnight snack, like Zha Jiang Mian, Rolling Donkey (Lv Da Gun), and Tuckahoe cake (Fu Ling Bing). What local Beijing people, especially elder ones pride most is roast duck. A brief introduction of each snack we have mentioned above will be given as follows:


  • Beijing Duck Beijing Duck:

    Beijing Roast Duck has a history of over 1500 years in China. With its tempting color, crispy skin, tender meat and the gorgeous appearance, as well as its fragrance. Beijing Roast Duck is known as one of the best dish in the world.

  • Noodles with soybean paste:

    Zha Jiang Mian is consists of three main materials. They are wide hand-tossed noodles, vegetable pieces as well as pork. Local Beijing people, especially elder ones like to eat hot noodles in the cold days and to eat cold noodles in hot weather.

  • Rolling Donkey Rolling Donkey:

    Rolling Donkey refers to a kind of traditional Beijing snack, also known in south area of China as Rolling Horse (Ma Da Gun), with soft skin made of glutinous rice flour and the stuffing made of red pea.

  • Mongolian Hotpot:

    With a history of over 1000 years, the hot pot has become popular throughout most of China. Mongolian hotpot originated from the Yuan dynasty (A.D.206-1368) .With rich nutrition and fantastic taste, it contains the protein and various vitamins for human body.

  • Tuckahoe Pie:

    Tuckahoe pie is a traditional nourishing snack with good reputation in Beijing. In the shape of a full moon, it is paper-thin, snow-white, delicious and unique in flavor.