Beijing Nightlife

Nightlife in Beijing is varied and colorful. Nowadays there are more and more interesting nightlife activities. Particularly, most people in present-day society can only relax themselves at night. So in Beijing nightlife plays a very important role in people's daily life. It's also the part that tourists cannot miss.

Nightlife in Beijing includes both traditional and modern activities. Beijing operas, acrobatics shows and various bars, are all popular among people. Multiple choices, all depends on you. Nightlife in Beijing will show you the other charming aspect of the city. You are sure to enjoy yourself and have a good time.


  • Laoshe Tea House:

    Laoshe Teahouse is located at Building NO.3, Qianmen Xida Street, Xuanwu District. It is named after the famous Chinese author Lao She. It's a unique place in Beijing showing the entertainments of old Beijing people in old times.

  • Beijing Opera:

    Beijing opera is the quintessence of China. It's a kind of opera with a history of nearly 200 years. Beijing opera is a combination of acrobatics and singing. The unique aria of Beijing opera is impressive, and the costumes and masks are fascinating.

  • Acrobatic Show:

    Chinese acrobatics, with a long history, has been praised as "A pearl of the Oriental art". This is a really kind of artistic form loved to see by the public. The artists' amazing performances will make a deep impression on you.

  • Beijing Opera at Huguang: The Huguang Guild Hall, located at Hufang Road NO.3, Xuanwu District, is a renowned Beijing opera theatre
  • Hidden Tree:

    Hidden Tree, a popular bar in Beijing, is located at Sanlitun South Street NO.12. The bar acquired its name due to the trees in the courtyard. It provides pure Belgian Beer, and tasty pasta. The owner is a Belgian. Hidden tree is an excellent place for relaxation. It's popular with foreigners.