Beijing Weather

Located in the warm temperature zone, Beijing has a sub-humid continental monsoon climate featuring four distinct seasons. Spring and autumn is the best time to visit Beijing, especially in the months of April, May, September and October.

The average temperature is about 11.80°C January is the coldest month with an average temperature reaching -4.60°C while July is the hottest month with mean temperature of 26.10°C. Annual rainfall averages nearly 700 millimeters, most of it comes in July and August. The frost-free period is about 185 days.

In spring, the weather in Beijing is a bit dusty and windy while it is hot in summer with plentiful rainfall. Spring is short and hiking is a popular form of tourism. And the hot weather in summer is short as well. Autumn, lasting about 50 days, is the best season for tourism with mild temperature and you can enjoy lots of sunshine. As for winter, it is long and cold, but the ice lantern shows a skiing still attract many tourists.

Most of tourist attractions in Beijing are historical sites or folklore tours, as a consequence, they are not affected by the change of season and tourists can come to visit Beijing all year round.

Relevant tips:
Weather forecasts services: Dial 121 to get Bilingual weather information when you are in Beijing.

Clothing or packages for traveling:
1.To visit Beijing in spring or autumn, bring lightweight clothing such as long-sleeved shirts or T-shirts, plus one or two jackets and sweaters. And bring a warm cap in spring because it is a little windy.

2.Due to the temperature of summer reaching more than 30 degrees Celsius, T-shirts and pants are the best bets. Sunglass and parasol are necessary to shelter from sunshine. An umbrella need be in handy because of sudden evening downpours of rain in July and August.

3.In winter, you should prepare a heavy woolen sweater, and a long wind coat or a down jacket. It is always wise for you to have anti-skidding shoes with you avoiding slipping in snowing days.

Keeping from Peak Holidays: It is wise to avoid traveling in China during Chinese holidays when many local Chinese are touring around, especially in Chinese Spring Festival, International Labor Dayand National Day. Spring Festival is the most crowded time for travelling.