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The mountainous city Chongqing is a municipality under the central government with the shortest history, the largest area, the most relaxed administrative jurisdiction as well as the biggest population. It covers an area of 82,400 square kilometers, including 14 districts and 26 counties (cities), and has a population of 30,720,000. It is a well-known historical and cultural city with the history of over 3,000 years. ...Chongqing Overview


Chongqing Attractions

  • Ciqikou Old Town Ciqikou Old Town:

    Ciqikou Old Town (originally named Longyin) is located by the Jialing River in the west of the Chongqing City, 14 kilometers from the city center. Thus, it is the old town in Chongqing that is closest to the city center. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Ciqikou Old Town had been famed around the Bashu land.

  • Dazu Grottoes Dazu Grottoes:

    In Dazu, Tongnan, Tongliang and Bishan Counties, there is the Dazu Grottoes Tourist Area consisted of a batch of stone statues carved at the Tang and Song Dynasties.  There are more than 70 stone statues and over 100,000 stone bodies with rock carvings in the Baoding Mountain and the West Mountain being the most renowned ones.

  • Goose Neck Park Goose Neck Park:

    Goose Neck Park is on the Changjiang Fisrt Road, Yuzhong District. E'ling is originally named as “E’xiang Ling” ("E” means goose, "Xiang” means neck and “Ling” means mountain ridge). It is situated at the steep and long mountain ridge between the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers. It is in the shape similar to that of the neck of goose, and thus gets its name "E’xiang Ling”.


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