Baoguo Temple

As the biggest temple in Emei Mt, Baoguo Temple is the entrance and exit of the mountain, located at the foot of Emei Mt., backing against the majestic Guangming Mt. and facing the beautiful Fenghuangbao, and Baoguo Temple is said to be "the First Scenery” in Emei Mountain. The temple was built during the reign of Emperof Wanli(1573--1620)during the Ming Dynasty (1368 A.D.-1644 A.D.), after twice repair in Qing Dynasty (1616 A.D.-1911 A.D.), now it has become a temple with four palaces as well as attics and pavilions, setting off among verdant pines and cypresses.

Baoguo Temple

There are three treasures in the temple: one is the Giant Porcelain Buddha in Qifo Palace with 2.4 (7.87 feet) meters in height, which was built in the reign of Emperor Yongle in Qing Dynasty; the second one is the Bronzen Bell that is 2.3 meters (7.54 feet) in height and 25 tons in weight; and the last one is Huayan Bronze Tower with 14 floors, which is 7 meters in height with 4,700 small engraving Buddhas around it. Huayan Bronze Tower is the precious culture relic for researching on the ancient Chinese architecture and carving arts.


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