Elephant Washing Pool

Elephant Washing Pool was built in the reign of Emperor Kandxi during Qing Dynasty (1616 A.D.-1911 A.D.) with 2,070 meters above the sea level. It is said it was Buddha Samantabhadra who washed his elephant in a pool near a temple when he climbed the Mt., and it is why the pool got the name. There are Mile Palace, Daxiong Palace and Guanyin Palace in the temple. “Night Moon over the Elephant Washing Pool” is one of the ten sceneries in Emei Mt: when the moon shines brightly in the night, with the water reflecting the moonlight, it seems as if that you are an immortal who are in the heaven, which gives so much fantasy and imagination. You will often see the monkey stretching their hands to the visitors for food along your way.