Golden Buddha

The four-side ten-directional statue of Buddha Samantabhadra in Golden Summit of Emei Mt is the tallest golden Buddha statue in the world as well as the first artistic sculpt of Buddha Samantabhadra all over the world. The statue is 48 meters in height and 660 tons in weight in total, built by employing the craftwork of copper casting and gold-plating, which is composed by dado and ten-direction statue of Buddha Samantabhadra. The dado is 6 meters and the gold Buddha statue is 48 meters in height, which stands for 48 wishes of Amitable Buddha. Ten directions have double meanings. First of all, it symbolizes ten directions: east, south, west, north, southeast, southwest, northeast, northwest, up and down in Buddhism; secondly, it means the boundless wishes of Buddha Samantabhadra of satisfying all living things in the universe. The ten head sculptures of Buddha Samantabhadra are distributed in three layers with different expressions, representing ten mentalities of the living creatures on the Earth.


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