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Great Wall Culture

As the famous Chinese saying, He who doesn't visit the Great Wall is not a true man.

What the Great Wall displays is not only an important role in military defending, but also a valuable culture.

The core of the Great Wall culture is peace. It is working for protecting the peace which is against the war. Therefore, it should be said that the the Great Wall culture is a peace culture, or concretely speaking, a kind of defending culture. The Chinese nation consists of many ethnics. Some of them are long for a peace life without interruption so they built the Great Wall.

Embedded with rich value, the Great Wall can be appraised as a half history of Chinese Nation. Its great significance lies in that it has evolved into a spirit Great Wall, a wall of self-reliance, self-defense, self-confidence as well as unification. The Chinese nation must obtain unification, open to the world and make full use of the advantages of other countries to develop herself. That is why the Great Wall has been able to maintain a long charm since it was built.  

Great Wall Legends

  • The Story of Mengjiangnv Besides the majesty of the wall surprised the world, the Great Wall has left us lots of beautiful legends and stories during its construction which has been spread around the country,
  • The Story of Goat to Carry Bricks The Jiayuguan Great Wall is nine meters high with lots of pavilions and walls building on it, thus a great number of bricks are needed.
  • The Story of Brick to Balance a Fort The legend of the Brick to Balance a Fort is associated with the wall.when Jiayuguan Pass was going to be built.



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