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Badaling Great Wall

The Great Wall has created a miracle in the world’s ancient architecture with its incomparable majesty. And the Badaling Great Wall, the most representative one, is best preserved and become the most popular section of Great Wall.

Badaling Great Wall
Beijing Badaling Great Wall

Dimensions of Badaling

The Badaling Great Wall, built during the Ming Dynasty around 1505, is located in southwesternYanqing County in Beijing. With a length of over 5,000 kilometers and a height of 1,015 meters, it was built along with a military outpost reflecting the location's strategic importance. The mountain slope is very steep and the roads are tortuous. These make it a key military stronghold of Ming Dynasty. The Badaling Great Wall averages 7.5 meters in height and is 6.5m wide at the base and 5.8m wide at the top - wide enough for five horses or ten soldiers side by side. Since the ancient time, it has been the important access to Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Zhangjiakou for its particular situation.

History of Badaling

Since it was open to tourists in 1957, it has drawn millions of visit from home and abroad, including more than three hundred famous figures over the world, such as the former American presidents Nixon, Reagon, Clinton and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and so on. The present American president Obama also visited it during his recent visiting to China in November, 2009, being accompanied by the American ambassador, Jon M. Huntsman Jr., as well as Zhou Wenzhong, China’s ambassador to the United States. They brought greetings of the world.

The Badaling Great Wall, though has experienced the changes of seasons and years, is still standing on the mountain as before and welcomes a great many friends of home and abroad. In 1961 it was promulgated as a national key cultural object protection unit and in 1988 was listed in the world cultural heritage by the United Nations' Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Map of Great Wall at Badaling

Map of Great Wall at Badaling



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