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Huanghuashui Great Wall

Dimensions of Huanghuashui

The Huanghuashui Great Wall is located in Jiuduhe Town, Huairou District of Beijing City about 65 kilometers from downtown Beijing and 35 kilometers from the northwestern of Huairou District. It is famous for its natural beauties and man-made marvels as a tourist and entertainment resort armed with beautiful mountains, crystal-clear water as well as the ancient great wall.

Huanghuashui Great Wall
Beijing Huanghuashui Great Wall

Features of Huanghuashui

As soon as you reach here, your mind would refuse to let go the garden with picturesque scenery, birds singing and flowers blooming all the year around. Surrounded in mountains all around with flourish and verdant forest, it possesses a unique plant landscape gorgeous and colourful at all seasons. Moreover, the three “wonders” has surprised and attracted a great many tourists home and abroad.

First, the Huanghuacheng Great Wall, which was built in 1404 during the reign of Yong Le in the Ming Dynasty, is hovering on the mountain ridges and girdling around the Haoming Lake. The Wall here is majestic, precipitous, and imposing with graceful but spectacular landscape. Once it served not only as the northern gate of the capital city, but also as a screen protecting the “thirteen imperial mausoleums” of the Ming Dynasty, it is the best part of the Ming Great Wall.

Second, the wall Probes the Lake as a giant dragon. The Great Wall goes in and out of the lake at three places, a wonder that can be found nowhere else in China. As a poem illustrates the view to the point,the Great embraces the rippling water; its ancient body is submerged deep under; a perfect wonder thus was born.

Third, an age-old Ming chestnut garden is setting here. These ancient trees are all standing in their own unique shape with roots coiled and branches gnarled.

What is the most amazing are their massive trunks and extensive canopy. The soldiers defending the wall in the Ming Dynasty had spent lots of time in the cultivation of the Ming chestnut. Though it has experienced a lot of hardships of the time and storms, the old-age and weather-worn bodies are still going strong and live up to their name as unique man-made marvels in suburbs of Beijing.

Following the ancient plank road, crossing the wooden bridge, wading through the little stream, and striding over the grotesque rocks, all of a sudden, you find yourself standing in front of the beautiful Black Dragon Pool. Yet, you may not let your mind go from those charming spots on the way, such as the Longwei Cave, Zicui Peak, Zuinu Hill, Shilang Valley, Lovers’ Peak, and triplet pools.

The Huanghuashui Great Wall has shown its greeting and welcome to friends and guests all around the world with its particular charming.



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