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Jinshanling Great Wall

Dimensions of Jinshanling

The Jinshanling Great Wall is located on the Yanshan Mountain range where is the boundary of Miyun County and Luanping Town, about 140 kilometers from the urban district of Beijing. It starts from the Longyukou in the west and ends in Wangjinglou Tower about 10.5 kilometers long. Along the wall built with 67 drum towers of various designs, two beacon towers and five passes, all different in size. The watch towers are closely set up along the wall with intervals of 50 to 100 meters.

Jinshanling Great Wall
China Jinshanling Great Wall

Nearby outside of the wall stands a huge stone with a swaq about one meters wide above it, named Tianquan. Not far away from the Tianquan is a strange watch tower named as the Wuyanlou. It is about 9 meters’ high, 14 meters’ long and 8 meters’ wide whose bottom is built with boulder strip and the upside the rubbed brick.

Features of Jinshanling

Besides, there are also lots of small passes set along the wall, most of which are hidden in the deep valley or covert military location. And they have brought great convenience for the soldiers to pass in and out as well as the inside and outside to communicate. Except for the numerous passes, a lot of watch towers were built in the commanding height to the north of the wall. The hillside girdled by the wall also had been cut and shoveled to build the defending wall with block. Therefore, along the whole Jinshanling Great Wall, passes are connected to walls and the inside and outside of the wall are defending with each other, thus it becomes a solid guarding system guarding for the security of the capital Beijing.

Map of Great Wall at Jinshanling

Map of Great Wall at Jinshangling



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