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Simatai Great Wall

History of Simatai

The Simatai Great Wall is situated in the Gubeikou town of Beining City, 120 kilometers away from Beijing. As the only ancient architecture heritage of the original appearance of the Ming Dynasty, it is included in the national key cultural relics protection unit and in 1987 was listed into the world heritage list.

Simatai Great Wall
Simatai Great Wall in Beijing China

Dimensions of Simatai

It starts from the Wangjing Tower in the east and stretches to Houchuankou in the west with a length of 5.4 kilometers and 35 watch towers.

Features of Simatai

The whole wall is ingeniously conceived and uniquely designed with novel structure and diversification, thus can be called one of the essences of the Great Wall. Famous for its danger and magic, it now becomes an excellent tourist destination integrated sightseeing, science research, adventure and vocation. Seen from the Wangjing Tower, the highest point of Simatai Great Wall, the beautiful scenery is in the full view. And on the edge of the cliff lays an abrupt stairs wide enough for only one person climbing up.

In addition, there are also perfect facilities like the invisible rope way and rope ridge equipped with the wall which make the climbing more excited and attractive. The annually Simatai mountaining, Simatai gliding festival as well as cultural festival also draws attention from a great many of tourist home and abroad. You can enjoy yourself here as much as you like, boating or fishing, even having a barbecue.

Map of Great Wall at Simatai

Map of Great Wall at Simatai



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