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Xiangshuihu Great Wall

Dimensions of Xiangshuihu

The Xiangshuihu Great Wall is located in the west of Mutianyu of Huairou Town, 78 kilometers away from Beijing City with an area of 18 square kilometers. It is natural splendid valley with the Great Wall, cave, spring and waterfall. Though the Xiangshuihu Lake is not that large, we can hear the noise from the source of the spring when standing a kilometer far away, thus it is known as the most famous spring in Huairou area.

Best Time to Xiangshuihu

There will be a very fascinating sight when visiting the Xiangshuihu Great Wall in the cool Autumn. Instead of the normal green world, the wall is covered with red maple leaves, as a young lady dressed in red dancing on the mountain. What is more striking and catches our eyes is the bearing orchard, which takes up more than 1,700 Mu with a production of 100,000 kilograms each year. It is the season for harvest and all kinds of fruits are ready to show to the world. At this moment, not only can you loss your eyes in the fascinating sight, but also you can fully share the joy of harvest conveyed by the fruits.



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