Li River

Li River runs out of Cat Mountain which is located in Xing’an County in north of Guilin. And about the origin of Li River, there is an interesting geography phenomena we have to talk about. In 214 B.C. of Qin-Dynasty, Chinese first emperor Qin Shi Huang requested his minister to build a man-made channel- Ling Channel. It is the first man-made channel of China. After it’s finishing, this cancel plays a very important role in geography. Form one side, it connects two rivers- Xiang River and the river which runs out from Cat Mountain, from the other side, it separates these two rivers in Xing’an County. Every body knows that all the rivers in the world flow from north to south because basically the north of the continental shelf is higher than south. However Xiang River is totally different. It flows form south to north. And the other river surely flows from north to south. It means these two rivers are separated, so people called the other river “Li River” because its pronunciation “Li” saying nothing else than “separating” in Chinese. Of cause, there is also another explaination about its name. In Chinese ancient dictionary, word “Li” means cleaning and limpidity. Ancient people called it “Li River” is just because this specialty. Then, which explanation do you prefer? I think that you will have a choice after you enjoy it.

Li River is regarded as the essence of Guilin scenery and has long been famous and known to all over the world. With its amazing beauty, this pearl is authorized to be shown in the first batch of state-level scenic area list by State Council as early as in 1982. What more, in 2007, Li River is approved as one of the national 5-A scenic spots.

Li River looks like a jade-green belt, winding its way among countless marvelous mountains. Along the river, the virid inverted reflections in water, the clear pools, the fantastic waterfalls as well as other beautiful scenes make two sides of this river a picture scroll. No wonder people like to make metaphor of Li River as a colorful gallery. And when cruising Li River, people will not be afraid that the bad weather would destroy their mood because Li River will appear its different beauties in different weathers. In sunny day, people could take a raft in the river and enjoy the clear water with countless fishes wandering leisurely in it. In cloudy day, the peeped clouds and mist around the mountains by the river could also add incredible charm to Guilin. However, rainy day is the most attractive date. With the hazy cloud and mist rising on the river, mountains appear through the rain curtain now and then. All these make Li River a traditional Chinese ink painting with perfect combination of static mountains and dynamic water and floating cloud.

Features and attractions along the way:

Half of Crossing Ferry
Far away 43 kilometers from Guile, there is an about 400 meters high mountain called “Du Tou” standing straight along the Li River. The cliff of this mouton stops the river flowing to south and makes much white water rafting in wet season. There are two villages on the both sides of the mountain. Though these two villages are so close; however, villagers couldn’t come and go freely because of the cliff of the mountain between them. So the elder generations of both villages built a ferry respectively in the same side of the River instead of the opposite sides of the river. This is the reason why this place is called “Half of Crossing Ferry”.

Yang Gong Causeway
Yang Gong Causeway is a name of a beautiful village. The ten miles long bamboo forest of this village makes a jade green screen. This natural screen joggles waver with green mountains, clear water, plunging waterfall as well as beached along the river harmoniously, making people a sense of quiet, peace and Serenity.

Nine Horse Nine Fresco Hill

There is a mountain along Li River with natural painting on the cliff. These natural painting are colorful and mottled which look like a “Nine Horse Map”. The name of this mountain also comes from this. These nine horses are in every colour, every size, and every shape; some of them look like to drink the water, some bray, vividly. In ancient feudal society, people who would join in the imperial examination liked to visit this very much because it’s said that the more horses they could count, the cleverer they were. If one could count total 9 horses, he would be the cleverest person and win the first in examine. No, though there is no imperial examination in China anymore, however, this interest legend and beautiful natural painting still attract millions of people coming here around the world.

Yellow Cloth Beach
The name of Yellow Cloth Beach comes from the very huge yellow rock there, which looks like a piece of yellow cloth lying on the bottom of the River. Around this beach, there are 7 mountains in different sizes. There is also a beautiful legend about these 7 monitions. It is said that in ancient time, there are 7 beautiful fairy maidens in the heaven. One day, they came into the man’s world and had a bath here and were not willing to come back to heaven anymore because that they were fond of the beautiful scenic here. So they incarnate into mountains so that they could enjoy this beautiful scenic every day. Here is also regarded as the most suitable place for people to view and enjoy the reflections of the mountains around.

Xingping once had been the biggest town along the Li River in the ancient Guilin which has been a long history of 1300 years. Now, walking around in this town, visitors still could see the records of the history- some things like the old buildings, the stone roads, and the ancient ancestral hall and so on. There is a coving along the river call “Sickle Coving” which is regarded as the focus of local characteristics because of the famous mountains around, for example, Zhaohu Mountain and Lion Mountain in the east, Camel Mountain and Longevity mountain in the north, Bijia Mountain and Preety Girl Mountain in the west, and Snail Mountain and Crap Mountain in the northwest. These scenic spots combine the characteristics of odd, danger, beauty and interest together, making Xingping as the most attractive spot in Yangshuo in most people’s heart.

There are three popular ways to enjoy the spectecular scenery along the Li River,hiking, cruising and rafting. Our abundant Guilin tours will help you make easy choices. From March to August is Li River’s flood season. It will be rainy during this period. And from September to the next February is its dry period. The Sightseeing boats couldn’t arrive Yangshuo directly-only could get Nine Horse Nine Fresco Hill. So it is so important for people to find a right to visit Li River.