Guilin Food

Guilin historically is a place with different minority nations living together. Each nation creates a special diet, developing the unique culture of food in Guilin. Words like “pure and natural, sweet and sour” are not enough to describe Guilin local food.

Guilin cuisine is a combination of Cantonese and Hunan styles. It is characterized by its sweetness and the delicate use of spices, particularly chili. Many foods have a sour or spicy taste.

With the development of modern tourism, Guilin has created its own catering industry. In resent years, delicacies from other parts of the nation have also found their way to Guilin. One will certainly be spoiled with countless dishes of Jiangsu cuisine, Teochew cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and Hunan cuisine and so forth. Stir-frying and steaming are the most common cooking methods of Guilin Cuisine. Green organic plants living in the wild, which are rarely eaten in the West, are sometimes found in Guilin Cuisine.


  • Lipu Taro and Pork Loaf:

    Lipu Taro and Pork Loaf, a traditional famous dish of Guilin, has been announced as the national specialty. Fried marbling pork and Lipu taro steamed together in a pot. This dish characterized by golden color and tender meat. Giving you a unique taste, fat but not greasy.

  • Lotus Leaf Braised Duck:

    Lotus Leaf Braised Duck is a traditional nourishing dish in Guilin. Green lotus leaf, grown in the lotus pond in the outskirts of Guilin, served as the wrapping. Wrapped in lotus leaf and stuffed with various fillings, the duck is finally steamed for a long time.

  • Yangshuo Beer Fish Yangshuo Beer Fish: Yangshuo Beer Fish is an agglomeration of Cantonese cuisine and Sichuan cuisine. Local people boast for two unique skills. One is the dish cooked in Yangshuo. The other is fresh carp in the Li River. Tender fish meat tastes fresh and spicy without any fishy smell. The perfect combination of beer and fish incense will give you a good appetite. Yangshuo Beer Fish has been the symbol of the catering culture of Yangshuo.
  • Guilin Rice Noodles Guilin Rice Noodles:

    For local people, Guilin Rice Noodles are the cheapest and most common food. Some people eat it as everyday food. It was first produced in the Qin Dynasty (B.C.221-206), thus we can also say that Guilin people have eaten Guilin Rice Noodles for over 2000 years.