Guilin Nightlife

Traveling in Guilin, you can not only view the picturesque scenery, but also indulge yourself in the fun of modern entertainment.

In recent years, new entertainment activities have emerged in endlessly. Every night, the city shows a scene of feasting and revelry. What are most popular are the places such as night clubs and bowling alleys.

In addition, there are also some places where you can dance with the Yao, Dong, Zhuang, Miao people, enjoying the culture of various ethnic minorities.


  • Guilin Local Products Street:

    A Street of Guilin Local Products is near Wei Xiao Tang (in the downtown of Guilin). Guilin local products are varied there and you can find expensive or inexpensive jewelry, unique native products and unique local snacks.

  • Show of Impression Liusanjie (common seat):

    Show of Impression Liusanjie is directed by China’s famous director Zhang Yimou and it has taken three and a half years to complete it. It integrates Li river landscape with the culture of the ethnic minorities in Guangxi and the creation of great artists.

  • Two rivers & Four Lakes:

    Two Rivers and Four Lakes, a park-like scenic area, is Guilin's central round-the-city water system, located in the downtown area of Guilin.

  • Artificial Lijiang Waterfall Sight:

    Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel, located on the southeast corner of the city's central square, will show the artificial Lijiang waterfall sight. Combining the important position of this hotel and its transformation, Guilin has constructed a large man-made waterfall. And this landscape is opened officially on April 30, 2002.

  • Li River Cruise by small boat:

    Guilin Li River is famous for its green and clarity. It is fabulous to take Li River boat tour, and night cruise on Li River will bring you a more amazing feeling. While taking a boat from Guilin to Yangshuo at night, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides and can see the fishing boat lights and the light from banks, which is very poetic.