Guilin Restaurants

It is known that Guilin is a famous tourism city of the world. It receives thousands upon thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. There are various delicious foods in Guilin, of which some are unknown to travelers. Restaurants always follow delicacies. We will focus on several special restaurants in Guilin, which are not very famous but will surely give you an unforgettable impression.


  • Haodama:

    Good Aunt is located on the 6th floor of Smiling Hall, 37 Zhongshan Road, Guilin. It is Guilin’s largest food and beverage company with the most variety of food.

  • Left Bank Cafe:

    Left Bank Café is located beside Hotel Universal Guilin, on the left bank of Li River. It is a large-sized leisure café. Overlooking the beautiful scenery of the Li River from the sixth floor of the café, you will feel that it is really a feast to your eyes both during the day and night.

  • Rsoemary:

    Rosemary Cafe is located on No.1-1 Guilin Yiren Road (near the Bell Tower in Zhengyang Walking Street). It is a western restaurant with dishes of foreign taste. The environment is traditional in warm family-style.

  • Yiyuan Restaurant:

    The Yi Garden Hotel is located in the No.18 Seven Star Road, Guilin (near Three Mile Road). With a history of two decades in Guilin, it mainly makes Sichuan cuisine. Yi garden Hotel is rather well-known for Sichuan cuisine among Guilin hotels, because this hotel is very good at making authentic Sichuan cuisine. The environment here is elegant and unique and the services are good.

  • Crescent House Guilin: Located in the largest park in Guilin (Seven Star Park), Crescent House is well-known in Guilin. It is built in 1959.This house obtained its name “Crescent House” because it lies at the northern slope of the Crescent Mountain in Seven Star Park.
  • Zhengyang Soup City:

    Zhengyang Soup City is a two-storey red building, located besides the Bell Tower in Zhengyang Pedestrian Street. The ancient entrance hall and the large sign reading the word “soup” attract customers far and near. It has convenient transportation and elegant environment.

  • Asia Pacific Delicacy:

    Asia-Pacific Hotel (located at Wenming Road) has two stories with boxes. The first floor is a hall with seating capacity of 600 in total. There are also boxes in Asia-Pacific Home-flavor Restaurant (located at 16West Jiefang Road), with a total seating capacity of 700.