Hong Kong Overview

Hong Kong(香港) consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula and New Territory hinterlands, as well as 262 outlying islands. It is neighboring Shenzhen, Guangdong Province in the North, and Wanshan Islands in the South. It is 130 kilometers away from Guangzhou in the north and 1,200 kilometers away from Shanghai.

Known as “Asian World City”, Hong Kong is the world's leading international financial center, trade center and free port, and also one of the transportation and tourism centers in Asia-Pacific region. Its public transportation system includes flights, trains, ferries, buses and taxies, forming a network which extends to almost every corner of the harbor. It is a major international port with well-developed shipping industry. Connecting with 460 maritime ports in over 100 countries and regions, Hong Kong has formed a marine transport system.

Hong Kong is the center of world's eleventh largest trading economy system, the sixth largest foreign exchange market and the 15th largest banking centre. The large scale of stock market ranks Hong Kong second among the stock markets in Asia. It is also the main exporter of clothing, watches and clocks, toys, electronics and some light industry products and its total export value is in high level in the world. Service industry is the base of Hong Kong economy which has close relationship with Mainland China and other regions of the Asia-Pacific.

Hong Kong has the largest number of international companies in Asian, which set up their regional offices all over Asia. It is also popular with tourists and has been chosen to be a popular place of the tourist destination as well as international conferences and exhibitions.

Main attractions:

The Ocean Park of Hong Kong, with an area of 170 acres, is the largest ocean park in the world. Located aside mountains and facing the sea, it has the largest oceanarium and theme park in Southeast Asia. You can see not only the recreational park with funny dolphin shows, but also unusual marine fish and the high Ocean Park Tower. What’s more, you can see the thrilling Mine Train and the Abyss Turbo Drop. All these are said to be the perfect combination of science, tourism and entertainment.

Disneyland of Hong Kong is the world's fifth Disneyland, surrounded by mountains. Facing South China Sea, it is a theme park which combines the major characteristics of the world’s major Disneyland Theme Parks.


Victoria Harbor is one of the most precious wealth of Hong Kong. It is a portrayal of a prosperous Hong Kong. No matter it is in the daytime or nighttime, there are ships cruising across the harbor. Tourists can board on a sightseeing ship in the Star Ferry to have a new and full view of vitality and dynamism of Hong Kong.

The Peak Hong Kong is not only one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong, but also a perfect place to have bird's eye view of the magnificent harbor and beautiful cityscape. Walking slowly around the scenic Peak, you can see layers upon layers of skyscrapers, world-renowned Victoria Harbor, as well as fresh and pleasant green hills.

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, located at the Peak Tower on Hong Kong Island, is a part of the renowned chain of wax museums. With five theme exhibit areas in total, it displays more than 100 vivid international and local famous celebrities wax figures.
Repulse Bay, located in South District of Hong Kong Island, is the most spectacular bay in the region. Its English name came from an old royal warship which was stationed in the Gulf to defend Viking. It is not only a well-known scenic spots in Hong Kong, as well as a high-class uptown.