Hongcun Village

Hongcun, a village, is located in the southwest foot of Mount Huang, 11 kilometers south-west to Yixian County. It was originally the only access to Beijing for trading from Yi Xian in ancient times. The village covers an area of about 28 hectares, among which an area of 19.11 hectares is defined as the scope of the ancient villages. The bird view of village's shape is like a resting water-buffalo. The running water flows in the winding ditches to every household, and finally gathers in a little lake at the entrance of the village. The peaceful environment and beautiful surroundings present outsiders a piece of pleasing and tranquil picture of a typical country life in South China.

Hongcun was founded in the Northern Song Dynasty, dating back nearly a millennium of years. It’s inhabited land of surnamed Wang. Everyday hundreds of visitors are attracted to the village by its beautiful views and more than 140 well-preserved ancient houses, among which several magnificent clan halls and the celebrities' former residences are most attracting. Inside these ancient houses you can appreciate the splendid wood carvings on the beams and columns. After the visit, you will find that major difference between Hongcun and other villages is that the well-preserved ancient houses get along harmoniously well with the beautiful surroundings. It was inscribed into the list of the World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000.

Architectural features:
Hongcun buildings are mainly residential and private gardens, as well as other public facilities such as colleges and ancestral halls. All these make up a complete building group. Various types of buildings focus on delicate beautiful carving, wood carvings, brick carvings and stone sculptures. All of them have a very high artistic value. Most village streets built beside the river. Residential areas are also surrounded by marshes. Most residences have two yards, and some people channel some water into the yards, consisting “yards water with water” and fish ponds are also found in these yards.

Transportation: Hongcun is 64 km (39.77 mi) away from Tunxi and 10 kilometers from the Yixian County, you can spend 2 Yuan to take bus from the county to Hongcun.