Huangshan Food

Huangshan Mountains region is the origin of Anhui cuisine, one of the Eight Culinary Traditions of China, which is similar to Jiangsu cuisine.

Anhui cuisine is known for its use of wild herbs from land and sea, as well as its simple methods of preparation. Braising and stewing are common techniques. Frying and stir-frying are used much less frequently in Anhui cuisine than in other Chinese culinary traditions. Anhui cuisine consists of three styles: Yangtze River region, Huai River region and southern Anhui region. Anhui has ample uncultivated fields and forests, so the wild herbs used in the region's cuisine are readily available


  • Salt Mandarin Fish: Salt Mandarin Fish, also known as Stinky Mandarin Fish, is a local dish origin in Huangshan Mountain region. This delicacy features for its special smell and tender meat. Many tourists travel to Huangshan Mountain for this dish. It is said that once you cry it, you will never forget it.
  • Steamed Stone Frog: Living in caves, stone frog is a specialty in Mt. Huangshan. Each weighs about 250 grams and has a white belly and a striped back. With clear-fragrant soup, tender-soft meat and original-fresh flavor, Steamed Stone Frog is known as a treasure through out China.
  • Li Hongzhang Hodge-Podge: Li Hongzhang Hodge-Podge is a popular dish named after Anhui's Li Hongzhang, who was a top official of the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). This dish is rather dainty and requires some "preparatory work". A variety of ingredients including chicken, ham, gluten, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and sea cucumbers are cooked with sesame oil beforehand.
  • Stewed soft shell turtle with ham: Nothing is beasts for stewed soft shell turtle with ham when we can afford it. There are at least two major reasons for that. First of all, stewed soft shell turtle with ham is extremely delicious. As one of the principle materials, soft shell turtle enjoys super reputation in terms of flavor. It is said that soft shell turtle combines five flavors of meat in one, namely, chicken, deer, beef, pork and fish. And the other major ingredients are ham, the thigh and rump of pork, cut from the haunch of a pig or boar.