Huangshan Transportation

The city of Huangshan is located in the south of the Anhui Province in East China. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its Yellow Mountains, not to mention the many beautiful rivers, mountains, and well-preserved ancient villages. As a well-known tourist city, Huangshan is conveniently accessible by way of flights, trains, and buses.


  • Flights:

    Huangshan Tunxi Airport (TXN) is located just 5 kilometers east of Huangshan’s city center (Tunxi District).

  • Railway: Wangan Railway (Anhui-Jiangxi Railway) extends through Huangshan and links the city with other major cities in China, especially in East China. Accessible destinations include Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Nanjing, Hefei, Jingdezhen, Nanchang, Xiamen, Yingtan, and Fuzhou, with sleeper bunks.
  • City Transportation:

    Taking a taxi is a convenient and relatively cheap method for traveling in the Huangshan city area.

  • Highways:

    There are frequent buses that carry passengers from Huangshan to the Yellow Mountains Scenic Area, as well as to nearby cities and ancient villages.