Huangshan Weather

The temperature of Huangshan decreases perpendicularly from the foot to the summit. It will drop approximately 0.61 ° C when go upwards per 100 meters, and to the Peak, it may reduce about 10 ° C. From the foot to the summit, there are three different types of climate: the foot belongs to the sub-tropical climate; the mountainside is the temperate climate; and the Peak belongs to the arctic climate. These three different types of climatic zones always bring unexpected feelings to the tourists.

The annual average temperature of the foot and the summit in Mount Huang is a little low, but it is still 16.3°C (61.34°F). The hottest month is July, but the average temperature is only 20.6°C (69.08°F). The coldest season is winter with the average temperature of -3.1°C (26.42°F) in January. The difference of temperature throughout the year is low, namely only 20.80°C (69.44°F). That is very close to the properties of maritime climate. It is cool in summer and warm in winter. And such pleasant temperature is very favorable for tourism.

The mean wind velocity of Mount Huang is strong. The annual mean wind speed is 5.8 meters per second. The wind direction is changeable, and is different on the hillside and the summit, the north and the south of the mountain. Due to Huangshan's great relative height, it always rains on the hillside, while snows on the summit. The annual mean snow is 49.1 days.

Mt. Huang is one of the areas which have the highest precipitation in Anhui province. There are 182 days in a year that will rain in Huangshan. The annual mean precipitation is 2395 millimeters. The rainfall is little in winter, spring and especially in summer.

The weather of Mt. Huang is changeable. Sometimes it would be sunny, and sometimes it would be cloudy during one day. Sometimes the sun is shining just now, but a minute later, it may comes a heavy fog. And then the beautiful scenery disappears without a trace. Check the weather record when you plan a trip to Huangshan

1.Even it is sunny, if the weather forecast says that it would be rainy, you had better take an umbrella.
2.The temperature difference of the foot and the summit is a little great, so please bring some warm clothes.
3.It is better not to climb alone.