Kunming Travel

Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, is the center of politics, economy, culture, technology and transportation and it’s the only megapolis of this province. With a history of more than 2400 years, Kunming is a famous Chinese historical--cultural city and popular tourist city, serving an annual volume of 27.35 million visitors. Kunming is nicknamed Spring City due to the fact that it is covered all year round with the rich verdure of trees and plants. Endowed with a pleasant climate, the city's 15,000 square kilometers of land is adorned with more than 400 kinds of flowers....Kunming Overview


Kunming Attractions

  • Cuihu Park: With a nickname of "Jade of Kunming", Cuihu Park is found on the western side of the Yuhua Mountain in central district of Kunming, facing the gate of Yunnan University. This scenically beautiful park now covers an area of fifteen hectares: emerald lake, green trees, comfortable environment and clear reflection of building decorate this park as a previous jade.
  • Yunnan Provincial Museum: Founded in 8, 1951 in the center of Kunming City, Yunnan Provincial Museum covers a display area of 2400 square meters. As one of China's provincially comprehensive museums, Yunnan Provincial Museum collects multitudinous material objects of anthropology, ethnology and archaeology about Yunnan.
  • China Hall: As the biggest indoor hall of 99 World Expo Garden, covers an area of 33000 square meters and 19927 of total building area. This hall combined Man and Nature Hall and Green House together to constitute the main Expo area.


Kunming Weather

Kunming locates at north latitude with sub-tropical climate, but there is no summer and no cold winter in most areas of this city. With a typical temperate climate and a reputation of "Spring City", Kunming is famous in China and overseas.


Kunming Transportation

Kunming is one of important transportation hubs in western China; meanwhile, it is one first-class port city of China for Southeast Asian countries. For such adventurous position, Kunming has an extending transportation hinge.


Kunming Map

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