Lhasa Weather

Lhasa is one of the highest cities in the world. It has the highland temperate and semi-arid monsoon climate. The climate is mild without severely cold winters or extremely hot summers. Summer and autumn are the most comfortable time while spring and winter are dry and windy. The temperature can differ greatly during a single day.
The climate features are strong radiation and long sunshine time. With the annual sunshine time of over 3,000 hours, it has obtained the name of "sun city". The average temperature is low but the diurnal temperature range is wide. With an average temperature of 15.7 ℃ (60.26 ℉),June has the highest temperature of the year and the average maximum temperature is 22.9 ℃ (73.22 ℉). January is the lowest month of the year which has the average temperature of -2 ℃ (28.4 ℉), and the average minimum temperature of -9.7 ℃ (14.54 ℉). Summer without very hot days makes Lhasa a very good summer resort. Wet and dry season are obvious. Rainfall concentrates during the rainy season. It is mostly sunny during daytime and rains during the night.

Relevant tips:
I.Weather forecasts services:
Dial 121 to get Lhasa weather information when you are in Lhasa.
II.Carries for traveling:
1.For Lhasa has obtained the name of “Sun City”, you need to have the preparation of some sunscreen lotion in case of sunburn and the sun-glasses.
2.Due to the high altitude in Lhasa, before travelling you have to be sure that you had a good health condition to adapt this high-altitude environment. Before travel you have to prepare some medicine which can help you in the situation of lack of oxygen.
3.Even in summer, the temperature in Lhasa is not very high. In the summer travelling, a thin coat is necessary. When in the spring and autumn travel, the weather is relatively dry and some moist cosmetics are necessary.