Sun Yat sen Mausoleum

Located in Zhongshan Scenic Spot Area in the east of Nanjing, Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum is actually a cluster of memorial architectures composing a mausoleum and auxiliary buildings, which was built in 1929 in memory of the father of the nation- Mr. Sun Yat-sen. Surrounded by mountains, the whole mausoleum is distributed in the shape of “the Warning Bell”, among which the memorial hall functions as the main body of the mausoleum with three successive doors.

Sun Yat sen Mausoleum

The main features of Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum

The main architectures of the Mausoleum is distributed along the axis, covering an area of 95,679 square yards, and it represents the traditional Chinese architecture style, which is mainly composed of the square, the stone memorial archway, the tomb passage, the mausoleum gate, the pavilion, the memorial hall and the Tomb chamber respectively. Seen from above, the whole mausoleum is in the shape a free bell in the green carpet with the statue of Sun Yat-sen as the pinnacle of the bell and a square in the shape of a half moon.

The stone memorial archway
As the entrance of the mausoleum, the stone memorial archway is built by high granites with two words “Universal Love” by Sun Yat-sen on the top of it. There is a tomb passage in the front of the stone memorial archway with 410 yards long and 44 yards wide, and the mausoleum gate is before your eyes.

Sun Yat sen Mausoleum

The pavilion
Walking ahead, you will see a pavilion in the shape of a square, which is as high as 58 feet with a stele in it, and the stele is as high as 30 feet with inscriptions on the main body of the stele, which reads “the Premier of the Chinese Kuomintang- Mr. Sun Yat-sen was buried here on June 1st in the 18th year of Republic of China.”. Walking past the pavilion, you can get to the memorial hall of the mausoleum through the 392- layer steps and 8 platforms, which are all made by granites.

Sun Yat sen Mausoleum

The memorial Hall
As the main body of the mausoleum, the memorial hall of Sun Yat-sen is 33 yards long and 27 yards wide and 95 feet high in size, combing the western and the Chinese style perfectly as one. The memorial hall is the imitated imperial palace architecture with the tablet of “Nationalism, Democracy and People’s Live-hood” on the gate lintels. The sitting statues of Sun Yat-sen is enshrined in the middle of the hall, which is made from white marble with 15 feet high, and there are 6 embossments at the pedestal of the statue, reflecting the revolutionary life of Sun Yat-sen. “The Program for the Construction of National Government” drafted by Sun Yat-sen is carved on the west and east walls of the hall.

The tomb chamber
The tomb chamber of Sun Yat-sen is 36 feet high with a diameter of 20 yards, which is in the shape of a circle with a rectangle tomb in the middle, and the horizontal statue of Sun Yat-sen stands stately on the tomb with his body buried in the 16 feet deep tomb.

Travel tips:

Address: it is located in Zhongshan Scenic Spot Area in the east of Nanjing
Bus routes: bus U1, U2, U3, 9, 20
Opening hours: 7:00am - 6:00pm every day.


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