Xiaoling Mausoleum

Xiaoling Mausoleum is located at the foot of Wanzhu Mountain, where the first emperor Zhu Yuanzhang and Empress Ma of the Ming Dynasty (1,368 A.D.-1,644 A.D.) were buries here. As the highest level in the field of architectures and stone inscriptions, the magnificent style of Xiaoling Mausoleum has a great influence on the distributions of the following imperial mausoleums in the Ming and the Qing Dynasties (1,616 A.D.-1,911 A.D.), which was enlisted in the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 2003 with the appraisal: “Xiaoling is built according to the traditional geomantic omen theory, which is the result of man conquering the nature, and it not only represents the traditional Chinese architecture and decoration theory, but also it expresses the world view and power view in feudal society.”

Xiaoling Mausoleum

The main features of Xiaoling Mausoleum

Surrounded by mountains and water, Xiaoling Mausoleum combines the natural landscape with the culture relics perfectly, which is large in scale with strict distribution, and it is 1.62 miles from the Getting-off-Horse Archway to the Treasure Roof. The mausoleum can be divided into 2 parts: one part is the meandering Sacred Path and the other part is the architecture group, among which the attractions along the Sacred Path include the Getting-off- Horse Archway, the Grand Golden Gate, the Sacred Moral Stele and the Imperial River as well as the Main Gate, the Stele Palace, the Xiaoling Palace, the Grand Stone Bridge and the Treasure Roof.

Xiaoling Mausoleum

The Getting-off- Horse Archway
As a stone archway, The Getting-off- Horse Archway is 26 feet high and 5.4 yards wide with “All the officials must get off horses” carved on the archway, warning all the officials to get off the horse to show respect for the emperor when entering the mausoleum.

The Golden Gate & the Sacred Moral Stele
The Golden Gate is 820 yards in the northwest of the Getting-off- Horse Archway, leaving only a brick-stone wall remained now, and there are 3 doors in the brick-stone wall, among which the one in the middle is 16.6 feet high and the two on each side are both 13.9 feet high. The Sacred Moral Stele is used for appraising Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang’s great merits and virtues.

The Stone Inscriptions along the Scared Path
As the classic works of the Ming Dynasty, the Stone Inscriptions along the 875-yard long Scared Path are carved in the big stones, and there are 12 pairs of stone beasts along the path, which are the stone lions, the stone unicorns, the stone camels, the stone elephants, the stone dragons and the stone horses respectively.

Xiaoling Palace
As the main architecture in Xiaoling Mausoleum, the Original Xiaoling Palace is 63 yards long and 29 yards wide, but it was destroyed during the war, leaving only a 3-layer platform with all 10 feet high, and now it functions as the historical material exhibit hall after renovations.

The Treasure Roof
The Treasure Roof is actually a big round mound with a diameter of 437 yards, and it is the underground palace where Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang and Empress Ma were buried with inscription of “the Tomb of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang in the Mountain” on the south stone wall.

Travel tips:

Address: it is located at the foot of Wanzhu Mountain
Bus routes: No. 3, 20, U2
Opening hours: 8:00am- 6:00pm every day.


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