Ancient City Wall

The brick-structured ancient wall of the Ancient City of Pingyao is 6162.68 meters (6,740 yards) in perimeter with four parts: the west wall with 1494.35 meters (0.93 miles), the east wall with 1478.48 meters (0.92 miles), the north wall with 1476.05 meters (0.917 miles) and the south wall with 1713.80 meters (1.06 miles), and all the wall are straight except the south one, which winds with the river in the shape of a turtle. The wall is square with battlements on the walls and a 4-meter (13 feet) deep moat outside the wall, which is 12 meters (39 feet) in height, There are 6 castles, 3,000 battlements and 72 watching towers as well as more than 4,000 civilian residences beside the wall, among which the battlements and the watching towers symbol the 3,000 disciple of Confucius’s and the 72 achieved disciples of his respectively, with the streets and stores in the classical style. Four turrets are distributed in four corners of the walls, on the east wall is an "Appointing-General Platform”. On the top of the castle in the southeast corner are Kuixing Attic and Wenchang Pavilion respectively.