Grand View Garden of Minority Nationalities

Located neighboring Shanghai Zoological Park, Shanghai Grand View Garden of Minority Nationalities is the largest and best-equipped cultural landscape all over China, which fully displays the folk customs and culture as well as arts of the 56 nationalities of China, including architectures, costumes, marriage customs, festivals, singing and dancing as well as craftworks, and the whole garden can be divided into 10 minority holiday villages according to different culture and religions. Though it is a bit far away from the downtown area, it is really worthy of visiting with strong national characteristics.

The main features of Shanghai Grand View Garden of Minority Nationalities

There are 8 unique attractions built in the garden: the Central Lake with Music Fountain, the Central Perforating Theater, the Sports Arena, the Convention Center, the large-scaled Statue of Kwan-yin Sitting on the Lotus, the Ethnic Gourmet City, Huaxia Shopping City and the Main Gate Landscape, among which the Main Gate Landscape is composed of the stone forest, the waterfall and a grand banyan tree. Besides, you can appreciate the Horse-Racing, the Bull –Fighting and Cock-Fighting as well as the water screen movie in the garden, among which the water screen movie is the most wonderful one.

Getting there:

It is next to Shanghai Zoological Park, and you can take a bus U2 at Shanghai Stadium to get there directly; you can also take the Yuantong Bus from Shanghai Railway Station or Yuanye Individual Line from People’s Square to get there directly. It is open to the public from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every day.