Shanghai Nanpu Bridge

As the first bridge crossing the Huangpu River in Shanghai, Shanghai Nanpu Bridge is 8,346 meters (5.2 miles) long in total like a huge dragon, which is composed of the 846- meter (925 yards) long main bridge and the 7,500- meter (4.7 miles) long approach bridge, and it is the third largest bridge in scale in the world.

The main features of Shanghai Nanpu Bridge

The main bridge is 30.35 meters (33 yards) wide with 7 Vehicle Lanes, among which 3 ones are from Pudong District to Puxi District and 4 ones are from Puxi District to Pudong District, with 2- meter (2.2 yards) wide sightseeing pavements on both side. The approach bridge of Puxi District is 3,754 meters (2.333 miles) long in the shape of a spiral, which connects the Zhongshan South Road and the Lujiabang Road; and the approach bridge of Pudong District is 3,746meters (2.328 miles) long in the shape of a rectangle, which connects the Pudong South Road and leads to the Yanggao Road. There is a bridge tower on both sides of the bank of the main bridge respectively, which is steel and concrete-structured with 150 meters (492 feet) high in the shape of “H”, and each tower is connected with the main girder cable surface suspended by 22 pairs of steel cables, distributing in the shape of the circular sector. On the girder of the main bridge tower is carved “Shanghai Nanpu Bridge”, which is written by Deng Xiaoping-the General Designer of the Opening up and Reform Policy of China. There are 438 steel girders in the steel frame of the main bridge floor, one of which weights 80 tons as the heaviest one in China, and it is a miracle in the history of bridge architecture. There are sightseeing elevators on the bridge as well, so the visitors can have a panorama of the scenic spots neighboring the bridge, and the nightlife sceneries along the bridge are more attractive with colorful lighting system.

Getting there:

It is located in No.1410, on the Nanma Road of Shanghai, and you can take a bus No. 43, 64, 65, 89, 109, 144, 801, 802, 868, 869, 910 and 928 to get there directly from Puxi District, and you can take a bus No. 83, 588, 624, 633, 637 and 772 to get there directly from Pudong District as well. It is open to the public from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm every day.