Shanghai Food

Shanghai is an attractive place where one can find a rich collection of various famous snacks with unique favor.

Generally speaking, snacks from Guangdong and Hong Kong tend to have sweat taste,and Sichuan and Chongqing food are usually quite hot and spicy. Distinct from this two cuisines, shanghai food are famous for their plain, fresh and delicious flavor. Shanghai people applied a great many methods to make their snacks, among which baking, roasting, reserving, steaming are most frequently used.

Shanghai people take pride in their countless snacks as well as dim sum, with sweet flavors spreading out on each street and in all directions. The very act of stepping on this soil and breathing the air of shanghai, was for tourists a far pleasant journey of gourmets.


  • Soup Bun:

    Soup Bun, with bigger size than Xiaolongbao, refers to a kind of buns within soup. And it especially pays more attention on the taste of soup. Soup Bun in Shanghai tends to have Chrysanthemum-like shape, thinner dough skins, and much stuffing which come into wide range of choices.

  • Fried Mantou:

    Fried Mantou, a local dim sum in shanghai, owns a history of over 100 years. The semi-fermented paste is fried on the saucepan with spraying water several times during cooking.

  • Beggar's Chicken:

    Beggar's Chicken calls for a stuffed and marinated chicken, sealed tight with layers of lotus leaf and then wrapped in parchment paper/wax paper along with mud. This unique cooking technique produces the tender, juicy, and aromatic chicken.

  • Shanghai Pepper Duck :

    Pepper duck is a famous dish in Shanghai. Charlie Chaplin, World-renowned master of comedy, praised this dish as"a lifelong unforgettable gourmet".

  • Yangchun Noodle:

    Yangchun Noodle, mixed the fresh and delicious dried shrimps with scented scallion oil, is smooth and tasty. Highly nutritious and tasty, it contains the protein and various vitamins for human body. Actually, Yangchun Noodles is a good choice on your journey.

  • Smoked Fish Slices:

    Smoked Fish Splices is an ideal choice for those who like spicy food. The Smoked Fish Slices can be considered as a delicious and unusual horsd' oeuvre.