Shanghai Nightlife

When the evening lights are lit, Shanghai displays a scene of liveliness and brilliance. It's the beginning of another kind of life. Various places of entertainment such as nightclubs, karaoke bars, discos, pubs and cafes are crowded with people from all quarters. They sing, dance and enjoy themselves.

There are plenty of activities you can take part in such as playing cards in the tea plantation, chatting and listening to the music in the bar, or releasing yourself in the disco. All of these make you feel relaxed and relieved. Shopping malls, various bars, and the Bund are also good choices for you.

Nightlife in Shanghai shows a combination of fashionable and simple for both young and old. In a word, there are plenty of entertainment places and up-to-date activities in Shanghai, which will make visitors linger on without hesitation.


  • Shangcheng Acrobatic Show:

    Acrobatics is one of the ancient interactive art forms, including theatricals and variety shows, song-dance drama, puppet play and so on. Nowadays it is mainly about hand techniques, ventriloquism, trick cycling, animal training and magic performances.

  • Shanghai Circus World :

    Shanghai Circus World, located at No.2266, Gong He Xin Road with convenient traffic, is one of the landmark constructions of the modern international city. The circus is the main part of it, with a series of supporting facilities such as the assisting building which is for rehearsing and the place for keeping animals.

  • Huangpu River Cruise:

    Huangpu River Cruise is one of the most essential traditional travel items of Shanghai tourism. There are two reasons for that.