Shanghai Weather

Shanghai has a subtropical maritime monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons and pleasant climate. The hottest period is July to August while the coldest period is from the end of January to early February. Shanghai is characterized by a warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn and cold winter. The best time to visit Shanghai is May, September, October and November.

The hottest months in Shanghai are July and August while the coldest period is in late January to early February. Though the extremely cold period is no more than three days, the biting wind would not allow you to have no warm thick clothes, gloves, scarves and hats.

The snowy days are infrequent in Shanghai; however, sometimes it does not snow. With warm weather and beautiful flowers blossoming, the period from March to May is considered as the best visiting time.

In the following two periods, you have to prepare good umbrellas when travelling to Shanghai. One is from mid-June to early July, and the other is from the end of August to mid-September.

From mid-June to early July, also called the "Plum Flower Rain" season, you should be particularly cautious for the weather would change quickly from being sunny to raining. During this period, an average daily rainfall may amount to 259 mm.

By the end of August to mid-September is the typhoon season and there used to be heavy rain. Fortunately, at this time the climate is a bit hot, umbrellas can also used in sunny day.

Relevant tips:
1. Weather forecasts services.Dial 121 to get Shanghai weather information when you are in Shanghai or visit the website of “” to know Shanghai Weather forecast. 

2. Clothing or carries for traveling.Shanghai maximum temperatures in summer can hit 40°C, although the average high for July and August is 32°C. You can take T-shirts and short pants in your suitcase. In addition, you can take Sunglass, parasol and sunscreen cream to shelter from hot burning sun.Shanghai proximity to the Pacific Ocean, tourists visiting Shanghai rarely see snow but occasionally experiences sub-zero temperatures. If you have your trip to Shanghai in winter you had better to search the weather forecast website to get latest weather information of Shanghai. And then fit your clothes suitcase.

3. Prepare umbrella with you.Three periods between April and September with lots of rainfalls in Shanghai: spring rain, plum rain, and autumn rain. The plum rain season is in the middle June to early July. When typhoon season comes to Shanghai and it usually lasts from June to October and the storms bring strong winds, as well as heavy rains. 

All these times you have to take umbrella and rain coat with you while touring in Shanghai.