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Shantou is the only city in China that possesses its own continental sea, and it is very rich in natural scenery, cultural relics, and folk customs. On one side, the natural scenic spots feature vast ocean views, unique rocks, and grandiose karst caves owing to its geographical location; on the other side, Shantou is host to a number of ancient and well-preserved architectural clusters. The main attractions in the city include the Queshi Scenic and Historic Interest Area, Nan'ao Island, the former residence of Mr. Chen Cihong, and Mayu Island.

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Queshi Scenic and Historic Interest Area

Queshi Scenic and Historic Interest Area is located south of the Queshi Sea opposite to the old city across the sea and sliced by the Hangjiang River, Rongjiang River, and Lianjiang River. It is the f...Read More

Nanao Island

Nan’ao Island is located in the east of the Guangdong Province. It is composed of 23 islands each of different sizes with a land area of 131 square kilometers and sea area of 4,600 square kilometers. The island’s coastline is 77 kilometers long with 66 bays, and there are more than 50 historical landmarks and sites on the island, earning Nan’ao the title of “The Pearl in the Sea in the Guangdong Province”.Read More

Former residence of Chen Cihong

Located in Qianmei Village, the former residence of Mr. Chen Cihong is 10 kilometers from the city center. It was built in the second year of Xuantong during the Qing Dynasty (1616 A.D.-1911 A.D.). Cihong (1843-1921) was a brilliant overseas Chinese businessman and navigator famous for not only his wealth but also his generosity: as a native of Shantou, he reinvested back into his city in the form of building schools, bridges, and roads.Read More

Mayu Island

Located in estuary of Shantou Port, Mayu Island is the door of the port located 6.8 kilometers from the city center. The island covers 1 square kilometer and is 650 meters long, 640 meters wide, and 39 meters above sea level with the towering Longhu Industry Zone in the north, Rongjiang River in the west, and Hanjiang River in the northeast. Due to its geographical location, it has functioned as a prohibited military zone since liberation and was not open to the public until 1979.Read More


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