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The Silk Road of China

The Silk Road is an ancient trade route connecting Asia Continent and European Continent, promoting friendly economic and cultural communication among the Asian, the European and the African, and it gradually came into being after ZhangQian’s visiting as an envoy to Western Region in Western Han Dynasty during B.C. 119. The Silk Road starts with Chang’an(now Xi’an), travelling west to Wuwei, passing though Hexi Corridor to Dunhuang and it divides into north and south routes to avoid the Tibetan Plateau.

The Silk Road of China
The Silk Road of China

China is the original hometown of silk, and porcelains became the most common commodities among all the trading products, and China imported precious stones and rubies from Western Region. The Silk Road covers Shanxi Province, Gansu Province, Ningxia Province, Qinghai Province and Xinjiang Province in China.

Sights on The Silk Road

Yumen Pass is famous for importing jades from Western Region in Western Han Dynasty, located in the northwest of Dunhuang in Gansu Province, which was a communication line of the Silk Road, known as“First Strategic Pass under Heaven”.

Qinghai Lake lies in the northeast of Qinghai Province, next to Xinjiang and Tibetan Autonomous Regions.

Mogao Grottoes, located in the east of Hexi Corridor in Dunhuang of Gansu Province, is famous worldwide for its fantastic murals and clay figures.

The Silk Road FAQs

What are the conditions for the open up of the Silk Road?

ZhangQian's visit to Western Region.       

The textile industry prosperity in Western Han Dynasty.

The strength of communication between ancient China and Western Region.

What are the reasons for the open up of the Silk Road?

For Western Han Dynasty, it needed an alliance with a Chinese ancient minority called Daroushi to fight against Xiongnu, an ancient nationality in China.

For countries in Western Region, they needed and loved silk which was very profitable, Romans aristocrats considered it glorious to wear silk products.

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