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People on the Silk Road

The ethnic minorities along the Silk Road excel at dancing and singing. Their dancing movements and postures are vigorous, and their folk songs are sweet and emotional. During the festival and celebration, you can appreciate the music and dance with distinctive features. And the people are hospitable; the guests from faraway will receive warm welcome when entering their homes.

Western Region has always been a region where a number of religions exist side by side. Uygur, Kazak, Hui, Dongxiang and Bonan believe in Islam; Mongolian, Tibetan as well as part of Han, and Manchu have a belief in Buddhism; In the long course of history, the ethnic minorities have been imbued by different religious ideas and thus shaped unique habits little by little, reflecting in many aspects: food and drinks, ceremony, religious belief, and taboo as well as art and culture. Upon setting foot on this mysterious land, visitors are amazed by their colorful and unique customs and practices.

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