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Grape Ditch

The Grape Ditch, located in the northeast of Turpan, is 184 kilometers from Urumqi, it is a valley in the west of Flame Mountain, and it is 8 kilometers long and 0.6-2.0 kilometers wide in large. The picturesque Grape Ditch is world famous for its grape plants, the ditch is long and narrow, the brooks are encircled, and the vegetations are fragrant. The entire Grape Ditch looks like a honey river, which is a natural grape museum. It is also famous for its wonderful and tasteful grape wines with all ranks.

Best Time to Grape Ditch

With very hot weather, the temperature in it is more than 42ºC,and the weather in Flame Mountain is 80ºC to 90ºC , even the eggs can be boiled on the ground. The best time to visit Grape Ditch is from July to September. Every year in August, Turpan will hold the Turpan Grape Festival, tasting grapes, enjoying the folk songs and joining the large-scale dance party, so the tourists will fully understand the characteristics and style of Urumqi Minorities.

Transportation to Grape Ditch

Almost every scenery spot in Turpan is within 40 kilometres away from the city, you can take a bus or a taxi to it, and the price is ranking from 10-100 yuan

Eating & Accommodation

The food in Turpan is the same as in Xinjiang, you can eat barbecues and snacks in an Islamic restaurant, and you also can see many local people eat food on their way, such as grapes and Hami melons. Living in Turpan is just like living in a great grape plant, almost every hotel has its own grape plant in a small scale, and the price of one night is about 25 to 50 yuan in an economic hotel, you can taste sweet grapes as well as dancing performance in the hotel.

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