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Mount Heaven & Tianchi Lake

Mount Heaven & Tianchi Lake is a natural mountain and lake, the lake shaped like a half-moon in the surface. It is located in the east of Bogda Mountain which is the peak point in Tianshan. Its 110 kilometers away from Urumqi, with 3,400 meters long, 1,500 meters wide and 1,928 meters above the see level, with the lake as center, the snowy Mount Heaven peak produces an inverted image, and it’s a paradise on the Earth as well as a resort center. There are many myth stories about the sceneries in it, which cast a mysterious shadow over Mount Heaven & Tianchi Lake.

Tianchi Lake
Tianchi Lake

In summer, here are beautiful landscapes with green mountains and clear water, visitors can climb the mountain through the wood, have a ferry floating in the water and enjoy fine views of it: there are Waterfalls, God’s Temple, Valley Forest, Pavilions over the Sea and Vast Pastures, etc. The best time to visit it is from April to September with 100 yuan one person.

Transportation to Mount Heaven & Tianchi Lake

You can take a bus directly to get there from Urumqi within 2 hours; of course, you can be there in less than half an hour by expressway.

Eating & Accommodation

The best and traditional food is Roast Whole Lamb; you can also eat mutton Baozi and cheese, and drink milk as well as tea. As for accommodation, you can live in Minsu Village, which can house more than 300 people with a low price; you can feel authentic tradition of ethnic minorities. The beautiful Khazak girls are good at dancing and singing and the handsome Khazak young boys are enthusiastic, which will make you enjoy yourself. You can also visit Sunday Bazaar and Red Mountain near it.

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