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Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake lies in the northeast of Qinghai Province, next to Xinjiang and Tibetan Autonomous Regions. It is the most mysterious and beautiful place as well as the biggest salt lake in China, just like a huge diamond on the Earth which is sleeping sweetly. It is 105 kilometres long and 63 kilometres wide and covers an area of 4,583 square kilometers, with 3,196 meters above the sea level and with the deepest point of the lake 38 meters. The lake is surrounded by high mountains, with splendid Datong Mountain in the north, upright Riyue Mountain in the east, Nan Mountain in the south and Xiangpi Mountain in the west. There is a vast pasture near the lake side. The sceneries are different in different seasons, and it is famous for its fish industry, which are delicious and tasteful, every Summer and Autumn, you can enjoy the charming sunset and the clouds in the sky, and watch the flocks of sheep and cows eating the grasses, just like the clouds in the sky, which will give you so much pleasure and fun. Every winter people dig holes through ice to catch fish for fun. There is also a Bird Island near the lake, which is a paradise for more than 100,000 of birds hatching eggs, breeding and singing, attracting thousands of visitors every year. There is also a Sha Island, an ideal place for fish.

Qinghai Lake
Qinghai Lake

Best Time to Qinghai Lake

The best time to visit it is from May to August. With 100 yuan entrance fee in the busy season and 50 yuan in off season.

Price for Tickets

Of course, you can visit Riyue Mountain with 100 yuan entrance fee and Sha Island with 100 yuan entrance fee, and it is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day.

Transportation to Qinghai Lake

There are regular buses from the city every day, which start at 7 a.m. and return at 6 p.m. each day, so it is very convenient to get there.

Eating & Accommodation

There are many hotels near Qinghai Lake with low price (40 yuan a night) and average conditions, you can choose the ones near the Bird Island with high-standard conditions as you like, the main food are cooked wheat food and barbecues as well as milk products and some specialities.

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