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Silk Road Travel Tips

Weather on Silk Road

  • The weather along the Silk Road is dry, and there is a big temperature difference between day and night, so you need drink more water and take more clothes with you.
  • You need sunglasses and sun cream to protect you from the sun and take an umbrella with you in case of a rainy day.

Things to Bring to Silk Road

  • Take some OTC medicine against diarrhea with you if you are not used to the food there.
  • Wear comfortable sports shoes when you want to climb mountains, and take a pair of sandals with you if you want to touch the water closely.
  • Take a mobile phone to contact with your teammates, and get help in case of being separated.

Attentions on Your Trip

  • Do in Rome as Rome do, and respect the religions and their traditions of the ethnic minorities.
  • Obey what your guide tells you and never talk about politics with the ethnic minorities.
  • No photos when you are inside the cave in order to protect the cultural or historical relic, and make sure that you take a flashlight with you in order to see clearly.

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