Top 10 Old Towns in China


Located in the northwest of Tongxiang city, ZheJiang province, 80 kilometres from Hangzhou .Wuzhen is one of the six ancient towns, with quiet river, antique house, stone street and bridge, a typical Chinese ink painting! Now it’s a National AAAA scenery, you may enjoy the peaceful environment of this town, traditional crafts, stroll amongst the streets, sit beside the river and taste a cup of tea. The town is divided into four parts, the night view of the west part is definitely a highlight.Know more of Wuzhenwuzhen6There are a lot to exlpore in the ancient water village Wuzhen in Hangzhou

Xitang Old Town

With more than 1000 years history, Xitang is famous for it’s natural environment, with over 100 lanes, covered Corridor, blue water and beautiful bridges . By the film Mission: Impossible III, Xitang was known by all of the world. The history of this town dates back to the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC-476 BC). The most beautiful season of Xitang is April and May, with flowering azaleas, all of the town filled with the scent of spring.Know more of Xitang Old Town

Xitang Old Town in Hangzhou


With the reputation of “the most beautiful town in China”, Fenghuang Ancient Town is located in the southwest of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Hunan Province, after over 300 years wind and rain, the buildings were still well- preserved. The scenery of Fenghuang ancient town is different from different season, so it’s suitable for traveling all year around. Know more of Fenghuang Ancient Town

fenghuang2 Fenghuang Ancient Town


Lijiang is different from others ancient town, it doesn’t have walls, the clear water and fresh air is consider as the soul of Lijiang. Every buildings, streets and trees is a scenery spot in this town, the Mufu (Mu's Palace) is a special destination that you should not miss. Around the town, there are many beautiful natural scenery spots, Shuhe ancient town, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge and Lugu Lake etc. Beside the Lugu Lake, vist the mystery Mosuo People is a must, they are called as “Mystery Kingdom of Women”. Lijiang


Lijiang in Yunnan Province


Pingyao , lines in the southwest of Taiyuan, Shanxi province, has over 2700 years history. It is rich in cultures and historical. If you would like to experience a local and traditional Spring Festival, Pingyao is a nice choice. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Pingyao is a prosperous economic city, the first Chinese exchange shop was opened at here. Now , Pingyao ancient town is a popular tourist city, the best season for traveling is Januray, September and November.In the winter, there are few tourist, you can appreciate a different ancient town which is under the beauty snow,and enjoy abundant Spring Festival activities. Know more of Pingyao Ancient City pingyao4ring Festival activities. Know more of Pingyao Ancient City

Pingyao Ancient City
in Shanxi Province

Hongcun Village

Located in the foot of Mount Huang, Hongcun village already has over 900 years history, has the reputation of “a village in the beautiful Chinese picture”. It is designed according to Chinese Fengshui, the whole village in the shape of a lies ox. Most stress built beside the river and all residence are well arranged, pink walls and black tiles, all of them have a high artist value.The best season to visit it is March,April,October and November...Know more of Hongcun Village

Hongcun Village


Wuyuan, located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, as the "most fascinating village in China” and the birth place of Huizhou Culture. It is famous for its natural scenery, such as the rape follower, Hui style architecture, ancient residence and Autumn red leaves. The best season to visit it is March, April, November and December. Know more of Wuyuan Ancient Village

Wuyuan Village
in Fujian Province


Yangshuo, a famous county in China, even in the world . Located in the southeast of Guilin, it’s convenient from Guilin to Yangshuo , only 1.5 hours by bus. Most people choose take a cruise to Yangshuo, about 4 to 5 hours cruise, you can appreciate the essence of Li River scenery. Yangshuo is suit for varies tourist who has different interestings. Climbing on the green mountains, biking on the beautiful country road, or hiking along the Yulong River to appreciate the natural beauty of karsts landscape .. Know more of Yangshuo.

Yangshuo in Guilin


Shangri-la County located in the northwest of Yunnan province, it also called Zhongdian or Jiantang in Tibetan. Shangri-la means “sun and moon in heart” in Tibet. It is very beautiful in the end of May and the start of Jun, as it’s the time for azalea flowers. The unique natural plateaus scenery, local Tibetan life experience, different ethnic culture attracted lots of people from all the world to visit it. Know more of Shangri-la



Zhouzhuang is a town surrounded by water with many branching streams, stone bridges and old residence with black tiles and white walls. walk along the best tour route to visit Shen House, Zhang house and the ancient town, which has a history of more than 900 years old with many houses built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.Know more of Zhouzhuang

Zhouzhuang Ancient Town in Suzhou

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