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Xiamen, located on the southeast coast of Fujian Province at the mouth of the Jiulong River directly across from Taiwan and Penghu islands, covers a total area of 1,565 square kilometers (604.2 square miles) and 300 (115.8 square miles) square kilometers sea area , which makes it as an international harbor scenic city. ...Xiamen Overview


Xiamen Attractions

  • Five Old Men Peaks:

    The Five Old Men peaks are situated at the back of the Nanputuo Temple in Xiamen City. High up o¬n the mountain erects five peaks decorated by verdant trees in the dim mist or in the clouds, if you are looking from far away, they are just like five old people with white beards watching the vast ocean attentively. So they are called "Five Old Men stretching into the Clouds," which is o¬ne of the most intriguing eight attractions of Xiamen.

  • Xiamen University:

    Xiamen University, located in the south Road of Siming District in Xiamen City of China, with the Nanputuo Temple and Hulishan Fortress on each side, was founded by Tan Kah Kee in 1921, a patriotic overseas Chinese leader, which is the first university that is founded by the overseas Chinese in the history of Chinese Education. As a matter of fact, Xiamen University has 3 campuses in Jimei and zhuangzhou besides the one located in the southern part of Xiamen Island, facing the blue ocean. Up to now Xiamen University has been regarded as o¬ne of the most prestigious and selective universities in China, which is also famous for its beautiful campus with impressive sceneries and romantic atmosphere.

  • Yuanboyuan Garden:

    Yuanboyuan Garden, situated in Xinglin Gulf of Jimei District in Xiamen City, half of it is the sea area, making it the only unique "a garden on the water” as well as ” the water in the garden". With the vast water area of Xinglinwan as background, it is composed of 5 exhibition islands, 4 ecological landscape islands and 2 peninsulas. It is an AAAA scenic spot in Xiamen, which attracts visitors from all over the world each year. It is open to the public in 2007.


Xiamen Weather

Xiamen has humid subtropical climate, and the weather is neither very hot in summer nor very cold in winter. The coldest month is in February at 13.2℃. The mean annual temperature is 21℃ and the mean annual precipitation is 1,200 mms with the substantial rainfall beginning from May to August. At the same time, Xiamen is vulnerable to typhoons in late summer as well as the early autumn each year.


Xiamen Transportation


Xiamen Restaurants

There are many famous restaurants in Xiamen that you can choose from such as the East Gate Countyard Restaurant and Samadhi Vegetarian Restaurant. You can choose everything from barbeques to porridge from the vendors if you want cheaper food here