Shaanxi History Museum

Shaanxi History Museum, located in the northeast of the ancient capital Xi'an, was built in 1983, completed and opened up on June 20, 1991. It is the first large state-level museum with modern facilities. It is also the 4A –class scenic spot in China.

Shaanxi History Museum

Known as the"Storehouses for Treasures in China", the"magnificent palace of Chinese culture", Shaanxi History Museum consists of a set of architectural complex, which imitate the architectural style in the Tang Dynasty.

The museum was symmetry with axes and has the clear distinction of principal and subordinate. The palace is in the center, with high buildings at four corners. The architectural complex has vestibule in the courts which are irregular and strewn at random. It is elegant and generous and spectacular. It is said that Shaanxi History Museum is the symbol of Shaanxi's long history and splendid culture.

Shaanxi History Museum

The museum covers an area of 65,000 square meters, with construction area up to 55,600 square meters. The areas of the warehouse for cultural relics are 8000 square meters while exhibition hall covers an area of 11,000 square meters. The number of the collection of cultural relics are no less than 370,000, ranging from the simple stone implements, used in the stage oftheremotest times, to various kinds of implements used 1840 years ago. Generally speaking, the span of time of these cultural relics is as long as over one million years.

In ancient times, Xi'an had been chosen as capital many times by 13 feudal dynasties such as the Zhou Dynasty, Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty and Tang Dynasty, thus it had been left abundant cultural relics both under the ground and on the ground.

After the establishment of Shaanxi History Museum, there are over 370,000 cultural relics that are unearthed in Shanxi Province and stored in the museum. With large quantity, various types and high quality, most of them are treasures by the fine hands of artists.

You can take No.5, 14, 24, 27 buses and get off at history museum stop.