Xian Nightlife

Xian is one of the most famous tourism cities in China, leading the development of western regions as well. In the daytime, you can have a view of the old-timey historical rudiment. Meanwhile you can experience the beauty of modern city.

Nightlife in Xian is varied and colorful. The entertainment industry of Xian started quite late, but developed rapidly. There are a lot of cinemas, cultural centers and clubs. Tourists and those who have been busy working for a whole day can feel relaxed in these places for entertainment and leisure.

Places such as night clubs, karaoke, discos, bars and cafes are all good places for you to enjoy yourself. You can sing and dance, which will take tiredness away. In a word, you will be captivated by the various entertainment activities in Xian.


  • Tany Dynasty Show:

    Tang Paradise is the largest cultural theme park in the north-west region. And it is also the first large royal cultural theme park with garden style, which fully exhibits the heritage of the Tang Dynasty.

  • Chinese Shadow:

    Shadow show consists of leather puppets, scene and other properties. It always uses a piece of silk fabric as screen, and oil lamp as lighting fixture. When performing, artists hold the control stick in hands, hiding behind the screen. The shadow of the leather puppet is cast on the screen, singing and dancing with the music. It shows the odors of folk.

  • Music Fountain :

    The Music Fountain lies in the north square of big wild goose pagoda and the north square of big wild goose pagoda is located at the root of the big wild goose pagoda.