Xi'an Weather

Located in a warm temperate zone, Xi'an has a continental monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. With mild climate and moderate rainfall, the city is hot and wet in summer, dry and seldom snowy in winter. Spring and autumn are favorite times to travel to Xi'an, though generally the weather is pleasant year round. 

The coldest month is January, with the average temperature reaching -.9°C while the hottest month is July, with the average temperature of 26.4°C. Throughout the year, the duration of frost free period is 232 days.

In Xi'an, the climate is relatively dry with short spring and less rainfall. Sometimes there will be dust days. The general temperature in summer is relatively high, with temperature often reaching 38°C - 39 °C during the day. 

In day time, there is burning sun but the temperature will come down after the sunset. Autumn is the rainy season, with a great temperature difference between the rains, namely, the temperatures will be down during raining but go up again as soon as the rains stop. 

In cold winter, it sometimes snows but only lasting 2 or 3 days. Affected by the trough of low pressure in winter, Xi'an weather is always cloudy. In general, the climate in Xi'an is good for touring.

Travel tips:
Spring: the temperature rise rapidly but instability. After suddenly getting warmer, the weather has turned cold again. So when you travel to Xi'an in spring time, some thin coats are necessary. Pleasant temperatures and soft climate in spring, is a good time for outdoor activities and tourism.

Summer: the salient features are hot and wet. Due to these hot or rainy days, the cool clothes such as the T-shirt are the best choice and the umbrella also is the necessary needs in the trip in Xi'an.

Autumn: in September, the temperature in Xi'an will cool down suddenly due to the impact of the Pacific Subtropical High. As a result, you had better get latest weather information for your trip and take enough clothes with you.

Winter: it is cold but seldom snowy in winter. The climate is dry. In winter trip to Xi'an, the thick clothes and some moisturize skin care products are necessary.