President 1 Itinerary

UpDirection: Yichang > Chongqing (5 days)

Day 1 Board the ship from 5:00pm to 10:00pm and departs Yichang at night--00:00am.(Dinner is not included)
Day 2 Shore excursion to Tribe of Three gorges (optional) Passes though the 1st Gorge----Xiling Gorge Shore excursion to Three Gorges Dam Site. Passes though the 5-steps ship locks. Captain’s Welcome Banquet.
Day 3 Shore excursion to Shennong Stream(8:00-12:30).You have the option of visiting White Emperor City(RMB280 per person). Passes though the 2nd gorge--Wu gorge. Passes though the 3rd gorge--Qutang. Crew performance.
Day 4 Shore excursion to Shibaozhai (08:00-10:00). Captain’s Farewell Banquet. Night on the Yangtze River-Gathering Party.
Day 5 Arrives in Chongqing at 9:00am.

DownDirection: Chongqing > Yichang (4 days)

Day 1 Board the ship from 5:00pm to 8:00pm and departs Chongqing at 9:00pm.(Dinner is not included)
Day 2 Welcoming Banquet, Dancing Party,Shibaozhai (14;00-16;00).Optinal tour to Fengdu Ghost City(RMB280 per person).
Day 3 Taichi exercise. Passes through the 1st gorge--Qutang Gorge. Passes through the 2cd gorge---Wu Gorge. Shore excursion to Shennong Stream(1:30pm-5:30pm). You have the option of visiting White Emperor City(RMB280 per person). Crew's Performance. Sails through the 5-steps Ship locks.
Day 4 Three Gorges Dam Site.

UpDirection: Jingzhou > Chongqing (6 days)

Day 1 Embark in Jingzhou(shashi)Port and pre-board
Day 2 Tours the Jingzhou ancient city wall and the museum
Day 3 Shore excursion to Three Gorge Dam
Day 4 Shore excursion to Shennong Stream
Day 5 Shore excursion to Ghost City
Day 6 Disembark in Chongqing

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