Yichang Attractions

As one of the Excellent Tourism Cities in China, Yichang is very rich in natural landscapes, culture relics, and folk customs. It hosts 747 tourism scenic areas in total, among which 350 are open to the public, including one AAAAA level scenic area (the Three Gorge Dam ), 11 AAAA level scenic areas, and 13 AAA level scenic areas.

Visitors have a wide choice of natural scenic spots in Yichang, including the beautiful Dragon-Spring Cave, Sanyou Cave, Yuquan Mountain, and White Horse Cave. Yichang also holds many famous cultural relics, among which the most famous ones are the Qu Yuan Ancestral Hall, Chexi Minority Custom Scenic Area, Chinese Sturgeon Museum, Happy Valley, and an ancient war site from the Three Kingdom Period.

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Qu Yuan Ancestral Hall

Built in the 15th year of Yuanhe in the Tang Dynasty (618 A.D.-907 A.D.), the Qu Yuan Ancestral Hall is located in Xiangjiaping just 1.5 kilometers from Tigui County and serves as a dedicated memorial to the great poet Quan Yuan. It was renovated during the Song (960 A.D.-1,279 A.D.), the Yuan (1206 A.D.-1368 A.D.), the Ming (1368- A.D.-1644 A.D.) and the Qing Dynasties (1616 A.D.-1911 A.D.) respectively, and moved to its present site in 1978 due to the construction of the Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project.Read More

Sanyou Cave

Sanyou Cave is a vast cave featuring unique sceneries and mysterious secrets in the north cliffside of Xiling Mountain, backing the mouth of Xiling Valley, and facing Xialao Stream. It is listed as the 6th Batch of Key Culture Relics under state protection in 2006.Read More

Chexi Minority Custom Scenic Area

Covering an area of 7.7 square miles, Chexi Minority Custom Scenic Area stretches for 4.7 miles along the Yangzhe River and combines natural sceneries, culture relics, and folk customs perfectly as one, among which the folk customs are characterized by the ancient Ba and Chu cultures. It is a AAAA-Level Tourism Area in China as well as the only folk custom tourism area along the Three Gorges in the Hubei Province.Read More

Chinese Sturgeon Museum

Covering an area of 12 hectares, the Chinese Sturgeon Museum is the only professional Level 1 sturgeon protection institution in China. More than 5 million sturgeons of different sizes have been introduced into the Yangtze River by artificial reproduction in the museum since 1982, which has helped to prevent the extinction of Chinese sturgeons due to the construction of the Three Gorges Project and Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project.Read More

Xiling Gorge Happy Valley

Neighboring the Xialao Stream and Sanyou Cave, the Xiling Gorge Happy Valley is located in the Xiakou Scenic Area of Yichang, which is 8 kilometers from the city center and 30 kilometers from the Three Gorge Dam. It is the largest comprehensive entertainment and recreational area in the Three Gorges, combing tourism, dinning, hotels, and entertainment for all audiences.Read More


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