Chinese Sturgeon Museum

Covering an area of 12 hectares, the Chinese Sturgeon Museum is the only professional Level 1 sturgeon protection institution in China. More than 5 million sturgeons of different sizes have been introduced into the Yangtze River by artificial reproduction in the museum since 1982, which has helped to prevent the extinction of Chinese sturgeons due to the construction of the Three Gorges Project and Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project.

The Chinese Sturgeon Museum is composed of Sturgeon Hall, Specimen Hall, Crocodile Hall, and Aquatic Corridor, among which Sturgeon Hall displays Chinese sturgeons, U.S. paddlefishes, Russian sturgeons, as well as hybrid sturgeons. The large reptiles—Chinese alligators and saltwater crocodiles—are exhibited in Crocodile Hall, which are all national Level 1 protected animals. In addition, there are also national Level 2 protected animals such as giant salamanders and Chinese suckers in the museum, unique offerings that attract more than one million visitors every year.

Not only does the Chinese Sturgeon Museum entertain the public, it is also dedicated to scientific research and animal-protection publicity, and improving the environmental protection consciousness of the pubic in the form of popular science education. A tourism company based on the museum was established in 1993 with a Chinese sturgeon theme and has attracted over 5 million visitors from all over the world over the last 15 years.

Background Information

As a Level 1 protected animal in China, the Chinese sturgeon is the most primitive vertebrate on earth with a history of more than 1400 million years. It shares the same ancestors with fish, which has earned it the title and distinction as a living fossil. The adult Chinese sturgeon can be as long as 4 meters and weigh more than 0.5 tons.

Travel tips:

Address: on the small island in the Huangbo River, Yiling District, Yichang

Bus routes: Take direct bus No. 100 or 101 from the city center

Opening hours: all day


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