Xiling Gorge Happy Valley

Neighboring the Xialao Stream and Sanyou Cave, the Xiling Gorge Happy Valley is located in the Xiakou Scenic Area of Yichang, which is 8 kilometers from the city center and 30 kilometers from the Three Gorge Dam. It is the largest comprehensive entertainment and recreational area in the Three Gorges, combing tourism, dinning, hotels, and entertainment for all audiences.

The valley is composed of a Sightseeing Area, Extreme Sports Area, Residence Area, Cruise Department, and Actual Landscape Performance (“Dream: the Three Gorges”) on the whole.

Sightseeing Area

The main attractions in the Sightseeing Area are Breast-Milk Spring, Rising Dragon Tower, the Marriage Pond, and Longquan Cave, among which Longquan Cave is the most splendid karst cave in the Three Gorges.

Extreme Sports Area

The Extreme Sports Area is true paradise for sports lovers. Not only can visitors ride a vehicle suspended in the air, but there are also opportunities for strapped ropeway and bungee jumping. Guests can even play on the swings connecting two valleys, an exhilarating and challenging activity for even the most daring.

Cruiser Department

For those interested in touring the Three Gorges, the luxurious cruiser Joy is a relaxing and breathtaking way to start your journey. It takes visitors to the main scenic spots along the Yangtze River, including Wu Mountain, Baidi City, Xiling Valley, and the Yellow-Bull Rock Scenic Area.

Actual Landscape Performance

Intimately combining natural scenery and folk custom, the large-scale real landscape performance “Dream: the Three Gorges” is a gorgeous educational window for visitors who wish to learn about the Three Gorge culture with the help of modern technology. Moreover, the curious can appreciate authentic working scenes of the minority ethnic people including hunting, fishing, dancing, and singing.

In terms of dining, the Happy Valley are of Xiling Gorge is known for its uniquely flavored fish from the Yangtze River that is also tender, smooth, and full of high nutritional value.

Travel tips

Address: Xiling Gorge Scenic Area, Yichang

Bus routes: Take direct bus No. 10 from the city center

Opening hours: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm every day


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