Yichang Food

The food in Yichang is very rich and diverse, ranging from the fish in the river to local snacks featuring original juices, freshness, saltiness, and spiciness. Famous dishes in the city are fried shrimps in hot and spicy sauce, dumplings with carrots, Sanyou immortal chicken dish, fish with white soup, and chicken with mushroom soup.

Below is a list of some famous gourmet food streets and restaurants in the city for your reference:

Gourmet Food Streets

Noodle Street
Address: the Ring Road, Fusui Road, Yichang

As the main breakfast dish for locals, the noodles in Yichang are varied, contain high nutritional value, and are supplemented with add-on condiments such as beef, fried eggs, and braised pork intestines. Best of all, the noodle are very delicious at reasonable prices. There are more than 10 kinds of noodles to choose from, including deep fried noodles with brown sauce, dry fried noodles with soy bean paste, hot and sour noodles, hot-dry noodles, and more.

Yangtze River Fish Street
Address: near Sanyou Cave; No. 10 bus

The Yangtze River is abundant in tender and fresh seafood resources, especially in Tiger-Teeth Pass and Nanjin Pass. Visitors can taste the local fish near Sanyou Cave.

Taozhu Road Night Market
Address: Twozhu Road, Yichang

There are more than 30 restaurants along the night market, which can hold more than 1,000 visitors at a time. Not only can guests taste traditional delicacies such as braised duck and shrimp balls, but also authentic snacks sold in the night market.


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